20 minutes of explosive cardio, without running!

You have no excuse to skip this routine. It only lasts 20 minutes and does not require specific material, so it does not matter where you are. This cardio training, without the need to go for a run, is fast and effective. And yes, you can do it even in your dining room. Learn the movements that we explain below and get involved.

Instructions: Perform each exercise for 1 minute (or do as many repetitions as you can in 60 seconds, breathing when you need it. Beginners, start by working 30 seconds and rest the other 30. Rest 2 minutes after doing the first series of 10 exercises and then repeat. And to finish, do a stretching session of 3-5 minutes.

1. March with arms in a circle

March with arms in a circle

Start by running on the site. Bring your knees up to your waist while you roll backwards with your arms for 30 'and then forward. This way you will warm up your shoulders and quadriceps at the same time.

2. Jumping Jack

woman doing jumping jack

  • Jump open the legs and at the same time, raise the arms extended above the head
  • Jump back to return to the starting position, with the legs closed and the arms stuck to the body
  • To increase the difficulty, try to do the jumps on tiptoe

3. Race on site

Woman jumping knees

With your forearms and hands parallel to the ground, run on the site bringing your knees as high as possible until you touch your hands.

4. Jump length and lateral movement

Jump length and lateral movement

  • Start with a squat and arms slightly extended backwards.Feet in the butt

    jumping feet touching buttocks

    • Run on the site and bring your feet up to your buttocks to work a little on all the back tendons.
    • Impulse with your arms to mobilize the entire upper part and maintain a Accelerated heart rate

    6. Burpee

    woman jumping burpee

    • Jump as high as you can with your arms behind your head
    • Landing in a deep squat, until you have your hands on the ground
    • Pull your feet towards you behind a jump, staying on the board
    • Reposition the feet close to the hands, and repeat all movements

    7 . Jack crossed

    woman doing crossed jack

    Cross the arms in front of the chest (instead of over the head), while crossing the legs as a variation of the classic Jumping Jack.

    8. Jump with stride

    woman jumping with stride

    • Perform a front stride leaving the right leg behind. Swing your right leg forward to push yourself with your left foot and jump as high as possible . Landing gently again with a stride but this time with the left leg behind
    • If you get very tired, at 30 seconds you can stop and do two series

    9. Mountain Climber

    Mountain climber

    • Holding the ironed position, bring one knees - keeping the hips straight - towards your arms as if you were running on the spot.
    • Focus on your abs when you do this exercise, and do not forget that the hip can not go from one side to another .

    10. Side skater

    side skater exercise

    • Start with the weight on your right leg and jump towards your other leg, landing gently on the left leg with the knee slightly bent.
    • Repeat the same action jumping towards the other lake.
    • Throughout the exercise you should keep a low position of the whole body.

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