Being thin does not mean being fit

It is very common to confuse leanness with being in shape or leading a healthy lifestyle. This belief is a error.
We know that being thin will not lead to problems because of being overweight. However, being thin does not mean that we can not have other types of problems equal or more harmful. woman doing weights

Problems of not developing muscle tone

It is possible that a thin person suffer numerous contractures due to what is known as muscular hypotonia. Having little muscle tone, can lead to that at the time of making great efforts, the muscle itself is damaged, causing painful breaks.

This same problem, can lead to other problems, as can be given in cases with girls with a lot of chest. Not having the muscles of the upper train sufficiently developed, can lead to problems of posture, which in the long term can even originate deformations in the spine.

On the other hand, having a low muscular percentage, makes that we can suffer a masked obesity. This means that even if it looks like a thin person at first glance, its percentage of fat is much higher than "healthy". This could lead to the risk of suffering from cholesterol in the future, arteriosclerosis or other diseases that can cause excesses of fatty acids in our body. Finally, another factor that should be highlighted is that with the practice of physical exercise, bone structure, better absorbs nutrients, such as calcium, resulting in a healthier and stronger bone, which decreases the likelihood of suffering osteoporosis in the future. As you all know during the "menopause stage" the bone structure loses strength.

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  • Organize and plan your meals, try to make 5 daily meals, never skip any , and do not bite anything between the hours
  • Start to look at the nutritional tables of all the foods you eat, they will give you details of how you are feeding. Once you notice this, try to reduce all foods that have excessive fat intake in proportion to carbohydrates and protein
  • Hydrate yourself correctly, try to take an average of two liters of water daily
  • Take plenty of fruit, try to take approximately 4 to 5 servings a day. The more varied the better. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon meals are ideal for fruit consumption
  • Adjust protein intake, in case you want to gain muscle, you should take approximately 1-1.5 grams per kg of body weight throughout each day and distributed among all meals, since the body does not metabolize large amounts of protein in a meal and is also harmful to our endocrine system
  • Work in the gym through exercises strength , but always adapting the exercise to your strength threshold and above all respecting the technique of each exercise, training with intensity is not synonymous with dying in the gym. Always remember this phrase: you do not have to train hard, if not intelligently
  • And finally, in the gym, always always always, before you start you have to perform a good warm-up that prepares you both physically and mentally to get a good performance to training, train in a concentrated and knowing what you do.

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