Chocolate: 10 reasons why you should eat more

Chocolate is a very common food in our day to day , in times of stress, a source of comfort when something is not going well, and a mood enhancer when we are happy or in love. But is it healthy?

If you eat a lot, obviously it is not. However, it is scientifically proven that good chocolate, that is, dark chocolate with a percentage of cocoa of 70% or more, is actually good for us. It's good for the heart , the circulation and the brain . But it has even been discovered that it can be beneficial in some diseases such as autism, obesity or diabetes. In addition, the latest research has concluded that the consumption of chocolate could help maintain brain function during old age.

Here we leave 10 scientific benefits for those who eat more chocolate:

It's good for the heart and circulation

A recent study found that dark chocolate helps restore the flexibility of the arteries and at the same time prevent white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels - the two most common causes of blocked arteries.

Reduces the risk of stroke

Many researchers from around the world have concluded that chocolate consumption reduces the risk of stroke - in 17% of the group of men in which they did an experiment.

Makes you feel better

 girl eating chocolate candy

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which is the same enzyme that creates the brain when you fall in love. The PEA stimulates your brain to release endorphins and feel good.

It is rich in minerals

Dark chocolate is full of beneficial minerals for us, such as potassium, zinc and selenium. In addition, a bar of 100 g of dark chocolate - with 70% or more of cocoa - provides the 67% of the dose daily recommended iron strong>.Seriously. Letting an ounce of chocolate melt in your mouth 20 minutes before a meal, makes you feel fuller and therefore reduce the amount of food later.

If at the end of the meal you follow the same trick, you can avoid being bitten later.

It's good for moms and babies

A study in Finland found that chocolate reduces the stress in pregnant women, and that the babies of these mothers smile more often than the children of women who do not eat chocolate.

It's good for you skin

woman caressing skin

Flavonoids in dark chocolate can protect your skin from sun damage (they can even be more effective than solar creams).

Can prevent diabetes

Although it seems strange, it has been shown that cocoa improves insulin sensitivity. Therefore, dark chocolate - in moderation - could delay or prevent the occurrence of diabetes .

Chocolate is good for the brain

One of the functions of flavonoids is to reduce the memory loss of the elderly, added to the anti-inflammatory qualities of the beneficial black chocolate in brain injuries such as concussion, chocolate is ideal for our brain.

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