How can we fight fat?


Very good girls, how are you? Today, in my first entry in Fitness in Women, we will give some tips on how to fight fat , with the tools we have and how to use each of them. In future posts we will talk more about each one, but you will have a general idea of ​​how to attack it.


As you know, HIIT is fashionable at the moment: And it is one of the best weapons to get rid of fat. Let it be clear that with HIIT, fat does not burn at the moment, but what it does is increase post-exercise expenditure due to the intensity of the exercise. The HIIT will always be of short duration and at maximum intensity, so you know, there are no excuses for lack of time. With 20 'it will be enough to light your oven. When doing it you should always warm up well, be hydrated and choose exercises that increase your heart rate a lot.

 woman practicing HIIT

Here goes an example: to run, we will warm up well beforehand and then we will work at two different intensities, one maximum: sprint rhythm (90%) and a gentle rhythm (60%) that could be a very smooth trot and even walk at a rapid pace depending on our level.

Warm up : Mobility + Dynamic stretching + soft trotting for 10 '.

  • Sprint time: 20 seconds
  • Soft time: 40 seconds
  • Number of cycles 8
  • Back to calm: 5 soft seconds (jog/walk)

This is just an example, then it would have to be modified according to each person and their pathologies, the work times, duration ...

Training in a circuit or with weights

It is not new, that weight training is effective in the face of fat loss while making us maintain muscle mass, hence this proposal is so interesting. Girls, no fear of weights, is one of the most effective weapons.

We can perform them as a high intensity circuit, with superseries, as strength training among others. As I said we can organize it as a circuit, as with the HIT, having a time of work and rest that will vary depending on what we want to work on in the session. Another approach is work force , you know, always correct technique and global exercises involving large muscle mass, deadlifts, push-ups, strides, bottoms, pull-ups, squats ... among others. Subsequently some training as a circuit or some strength training and hypertrophy as well as talk about concurrent training, ie, the mixture of cardio and weights, in the same session, in different and different modalities.


dishes with different healthy foods

The nutritional issue is fundamental, 70% success is here, in controlling meals.A diet high in fat will help us lose fat even if it does not seem logical, yes, healthy cardio fats. I want you to stay with the idea of ​​carbohydrate reduction and good contribution of proteins of high biological value and healthy fats as well as the control of glycemia and the protein-carbohydrate ratio. Depending on our day to day we can alternate with carbohydrate loads and discharges. That is, days with more hydrates than others, but as I have said, we better put it in the hands of a nutritionist, who will lead you to success.


I found it interesting to place the supplementation in this section. It is scientifically proven to work towards the loss of adipose tissue. Logically, the percentage of help is going to be small , but it is still a help. Do not believe that it is going to be magic, but it will work properly and you are not throwing away money as with many supplements. As an interesting supplement, we have caffeine, ideal for before training, BCAAs or protein powder, Omega 3, HMB to maintain muscle mass with low calorie diets and green tea. In another article we will talk more in depth about how to make correct use of these supplements. And remember, these are just guidelines, which does not take into account the state of health and pathologies of each of you.

Rest and periodization of training

Sleeping girl

Many will ask for I include the rest here, but the answer is easy, let's say a case, if you take the car every day and punish it by pushing it to the limit, in the end what happens? It ends up breaking. When we exercise, the only thing that prevents us from moving towards our goal will be an injury. We have to be aware that rest is part of training . Plan your breaks well, the body will thank you. It is not always better. It is not about quantity but about quality. By training more days you will not lose more fat, the body needs to recover the tissues after the efforts.

In future posts we will talk about recovery methods to accelerate our recovery so we can train better!

Go for it!

Javier Lanau

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