Why being a vegetarian is a reason for breaking up for me?


One day I was reading this article, after reading it a couple of times more and be a while thinking about the matter, I was a little surprised. Just read it again and I would like to know what you think about it:

"I do not stay with vegetarians, and these are my reasons. The relationship I have with food is much closer than what I can get with most people. And to say that my appetite for carbohydrates and red meat is insatiable is to fall short. Very short! The food and I understand each other perfectly , so I let this be the one that allows me to stay or not with someone. In fact, one of the first questions I ask on a date is whether that person is vegetarian or not. There are 3 main reasons behind my personal rule.

1. Eating out is sacred to me, and I do not want to limit my choices

Variety food

Eating is a pillar in a relationship - romantic dinners, birthdays, celebrations, etc. And for me, eating together is one of my favorite ways to meet the other person . You can try multiple dishes, and although I love having a dish for myself, sharing it with someone is also fun. I do not want to be limited to what I can or can not eat. Decide the place where you are going to have dinner is difficult in itself, as above adding the filter that the restaurant should have vegetarian dishes. I want to be able to decide with my eyes closed which restaurant to eat and go without thinking twice.

2. Frankly, vegetarian dishes are not made for me


I feel guilty when I drag someone to a restaurant that is perfect for me but with few options, and mediocre, vegetarian. I can not enjoy 100% of my rib-eye while my date is eating a salad or anything green. Usually when you go out to eat out, you spend more than half the time talking about the food and what you will eat for dessert. I've tried a lot of meatless alternatives, and I have to admit they were good. But none of them satisfied me enough. I like to enjoy , as simple as that. And I want to enjoy with my partner.

3. The couple who eat meat together, will stay together

Steak tartar

My current boyfriend and I joke, "You know if you were a vegetarian, our thing would not work" . We laugh, but we both know that it is completely true. Our first date was at a steakhouse, and we usually remember that day. I am very grateful to the decision I made that day. I know that a person's diet does not define her. I respect the decisions of any person and I will never impose my way of thinking and eating anyone.A good diet does not mean to eat strictly everything, but there are many types: vegetarianism, veganism, paleo diet, and many more. The important thing is to know that you provide what you need to your body so that it can function correctly and avoid injuries and illnesses.

What do you think about this?

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