Why brokers need to include fitness


For to start you have to know that this word has two possible meanings in our language: on the one hand it is to be in good shape (that's what we look for all) and on the other refers to the different physical activities under this name and that used to be done in gyms. I say "I used to" because that was before, when only a few women dared to do exercises to tone their body, get stronger and even make their muscles more visible.

Fitness comes out of the gym

Now fitness is much more popular, just like running. The four walls have remained small for lovers of a well defined and toned body. A fitness body is now the most sought after, luckily for those of us who do not worship the cult of bone. The thin woman is no longer in the top of beauty canons. Where is a well-toned body ... right?

woman doing sports in the park

As I said, you no longer need a specific place to train fitness, you do not need dumbbells or machines with weights and above all you do not need to have time. Have not you heard about the Tábata ​​em>, the training sessions of 30, 15 and even 5 minutes? Well, that, now all you need is the desire.

In case you miss the desire, I would like to remind you here of the advantages of doing strength exercises .

We start from the basis that "you have to be in shape to run, and do not run to be fit" , great quote from Diane Lee, a well-known Canadian physiotherapist.

It's true that popular runners are realizing this, that we need more than just running. We already know that you have to do an exercise routine once or twice a week with weights or with the weight of your body because it will help us to increase the strength that will be necessary in the races. Remember that you always have to warm up well first and then you can do an exercise routine that can last between 15 and 30 minutes. It is necessary to look for what exercises we include in that training so as not to leave any muscle group without toning. Yes, you have interpreted it well, you also run with your arms.

Muscles of higher quality and that can withstand fatigue better

If you need more reasons to convince yourself that we need fitness in our lives, think that if you do strength exercises, you develop muscle strengthening and your skills to better endure fatigue in the race .Do not forget to work the core doing isometric exercises such as plates that strengthen the rectus abdominus. If and again, do not forget the arms and back that also help you when you can not throw more in a race right?

You're not going to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger

For those who have "muscle phobia" we must say that strength training will not make your muscles grow, which will counteract this process of muscle degradation and increase you strength, but in no case will you generate muscle hypertrophy. It's not so easy to get that!

For those over 40 essential

Older woman running

The passage of time is associated with a natural decline in physiological functions, including a loss in the density of bone mass and loss of muscle mass and strength. So, friend, if you have turned 40, strength or fitness work will be highly recommended for you and if you are suffering from menopause it will be essential since muscle mass shows an accelerated decline after the fifth decade.

Mónica Martínez from @Runnerswoman for Fitness enFemenino

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